Executive Order No. 4 series of 2019

Re-organizing the Technical Working Group and Secretariat for the preparation and updating of the Community-based Monitoring System of the City of Tabuk.

WHEREAS, the Local Government Code of 199 I or Republic Act 7160 provides the Local Government Units assume the primary responsibility for the provision of basic services and facilities, the improvement of the quality of life of their constituents, and serve as front-line institutions towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and addressing poverty at the local level; 

WHEREAS, the Department of Interior and Local Government is the office with primary responsibility of localizing the SDGs and capacitating the LGUs on poverty monitoring and planning using the core local poverty indicators, which incorporated the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS), as its generation module for poverty-based line data and SDG benchmarks; 

WHEREAS, the progressive realization of the SDGs is anchored on the contributions of the Local Government Units as well as the non-government and private sectors; 

WHEREAS, the CBMS is being adopted by the DILG as one of the strategies to localize the SDGs; 

WHEREAS, the CBMS will be integrated into the Comprehensive Development Plan of the City which serves as a vital document necessary in the realization of city development thrust; 

NOW THEREFORE, I FERDINAND B. TUBBAN, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby create and organize the Community-Based Monitoring System Technical Working Group. 

The CBMS-TWG shall be composed of the following: 

  1. Composition: 
    • EnP Maricel D. Kiley, CPDC
    • Ms. Mediatrix R. Alifio, CLGOO
    • Dr. Henrietta Linden S. Bagayao, CHO
    • Ms. Susana D. Daluping, CSWDO
    • Mr. Christian T. Luyaben, CDRRMO
    • Mr. Julibert L. Aquino, OCAS
    • Ms. Jonalyn G. Kiser, CPO
    • Dr. Fermin R. Quinto, CVO
    • Ms. Leyda B. Saboy, PESO
    • Engr. Ruby Peter Albert, CBAO
    • Ms. Salud I. Lammawin, CENRO
    • Ms. Segundina R. Magtanao, CCO
    • Ms. Benedicta Gamatero, Schools Division of Tabuk City
    • P/SUPT Francisco Bulwayan, PNP
    • Mr. Nathaniel D. Dalanao, ICT
  2. Functions:
    • Oversee the progress of the implementation of the CBMS and shall strictly follow the timelines set forth to ensure the reliability and validity of the data;
    • Conduct sectoral/intersectoral analysis and validation of reports;
    • Conduct surveys, consultations, meetings and workshops;
    • Integrate and finalize studies, research findings and survey outputs;
    • Draft and consolidate the contents of the CBMS document; and
    • Perform other necessary functions as may be assigned.

The Secretariat shall be as follows:

  1. Composition:
    • EnP Marinelle Agustin, CPDO
    • EnP Eisenhower Bucalen, CPDO
    • Ms. Mallaru Aguilan, CPDO
    • Ms. Alelin Puzon, CPDO
    • Ms. Jett Sandoval, CPDO
    • Ms. Joy Oryza Alunday, CHO
    • Mr. Vincent Galura, CSWDO
    • Dr. Mauricio AmJa, CVO
    • Ms. Rhean Meg Quinsaat, CDRRMO
    • Mr. Elvin Villoria, ICT
    • Ms. George Andres Padalla, CENRO
  2. Functions:
    • Provides administrative suppo1t to the Technical Working Group.
    • Serve as documenter in all proceedings of the planning activities; and
    • Facilitate the dissemination of all planning activities and provides other assistance as may be required in the discharge of its functions.

The expected outputs shall be the following:

  • Improved data banking system at the city and barangay levels through the installation of the computerized CBMS database;
  • Enhanced poverty maps of the City including its barangays presented through digitized maps generated from the CBMS database;
  • Consolidated City SDG Report based on CBMS results;
  • Updated ecological profile and development plans of the City; and
  • Documented best practices and lessons learned from the CBMS implementation.

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done this 22nd day of February 2019 at Tabuk City, Kalinga Province.


Engr. Ferdinand B. Tubban
City Mayor